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Credit Card BillingBilled as BOND GROUP LTD.   Transaction currency is in United States Dollars (US$).   For billing questions or customer service please call us at 760.521.9363 or e-mail  us at

Refund Policy:
  To request a refund, e-mail your electronic receipt of purchase (sent via email to all customers who purchase any product) to with a detailed explanation of your request.

Consumer Data Privacy Policy:  Bond Group Ltd does not share, sell, distribute, re-distribute, transfer, or convey any customer information to any other company, or individual for any reason.  All sales are processed on a cold fusion secure server and all records are deleted after each transaction has been posted.  If you have any questions about our Consumer Privacy Policy please e-mail us at:  

If you have questions regarding any of the following: The goods and services being offered on this site, how your credit card will be billed, our refund policy, the transaction currency, our legal restrictions, our Consumer Data Privacy Policy, or our Secure Method for the Transmission of Payment Data, you may e-mail us directly at: 

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