MODEL OPPORTUNITIES:    We are always looking for beautiful women who share an interest in tight bondage and have the desire to earn substantial fees for their efforts - model rates start at $500.00 per day.   If you have what it takes and live near, or plan to visit, the San Diego CA area then please contact us for detailed information.   Email:  Jay Edwards  or  Dominic Wolfe.   Postal mail:  Bond Group Ltd, 1666 Garnet Av #917, San Diego CA 92109.

VIDEO SALES and STREAMING VIDEO:   These services have been moved to www.dominicwolfe.com and www.jayedwards.com.

Dominic Wolfe's DW and DWN Series videos and video streaming are available at www.dominicwolfe.com.

Jay Edwards' later JE Series videos, DVD's and video streaming are available at www.jayedwards.com.   

Jay Edwards' earlier JEV Series videos, DVD's and video streaming are available at www.jayedwards.com.  

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UPDATES:  This site is updated THREE days each week.   New pictures from Dominic Wolfe are featured every Friday.    Archive updates are featured on Tuesday/Thursday.

BONDAGE THEATER:  3 new HI Quality streaming videos are added every 3 weeks - with unlimited streaming minutes!

ARCHIVES:   The archive sections contain a selection of photos from previous updates but does not contain every picture offered in our weekly updates.   Additions to the archive section are done twice a week and we do not guarantee that your favorite photos will make it into the archive section.   We strongly suggest that you download the images you wish to keep as soon as they are offered in the weekly updates in order to avoid any future disappointment.

LEATHER RESTRAINTS and GAGS:   Dominic Wolfe uses straps, harnesses and gags from Master Leathers, P.O. Box 36901, Tucson  AZ   85740   800-939-7793.   Jay Edwards fashions his own custom-made leather restraints and gags -- sorry, these items are not for sale.

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